Our Core Curriculum

We structure our early childhood education curriculum around five key elements of development to ensure an overall growth in each child.
The elements are:


Our children at D’MONTE are able to communicate with others verbally and non-verbally to engage with the world around them. Children learn to make new friends and gain confidence, self-esteem and even negotiation skills which are essential for a lifetime of healthy relationship.


We focus on the physical health and well-being of our children at D’MONTE, so as they grow up safe and strong. Motor-skill development, coordination, mobility and exercise, all these help to ensure our growing children to own a healthy body.


Our early education programs help build brain power by supporting the development of judgment, perception, memory, reasoning, critical thinking and language through series of age-appropriate cognitive activities. Reading, writing, and calculating are important and children learn by experiencing the world around them.


High-quality language interactions between children and adults will provide children with the kind of experiences that help foster their growth. Developing language skills appears to be more important for boys than girls in helping them to develop self-control and ultimately, succeed in school.


Children will enjoy a safe, nurturing “home away from home” where they can learn to express themselves and understand their own unique identities. Children will gain the comfort and confidence to forge trusting relationships, value their individuality and enjoy just being themselves.